How to show my film at the Short Film Day?
Films for the All-Russian Short Film Day event are collected until November 15, 2021. Questions about participation are received to the event's official email: Only SHORT feature films, documentaries and animated films with a distribution certificate are accepted for consideration. For more information, see the Rules and Regulations.
Which venues can participate in the SFD?
Public venues where the content can be presented in the DVD or MP4 format (if necessary, venues can convert the material into DCP format themselves) and that can accommodate viewers, i.e. cinema theatres, cultural community centres, clubs, conference halls, libraries, co-working spaces, museums, multimedia centres, etc. can take part in the All-Russian Short Film Day event. Detailed information is provided in Section 9 of the Rules and Regulations. In 2021, screenings at venues must be held in full compliance with the health and epidemiological regulations, and the venues shall ensure all safety measures.
How to become a SFD venue?
To become an Event venue, fill in the application form on the official website. You must describe the venue characteristics, mark the programmes envisaged for screening, and specify dates and time slots. The number of screenings and showtime during the Event is not limited. After reviewing your application, the Organisers will contact you and provide you with the necessary materials for further work.
Is it possible to hold your own events as part of the Event?
Yes! Separate festivals, pitching events, educational programmes, parties, etc. can be organised as part of the SFD. To do so, please contact the organisers and agree on the details.
Is it allowed to show additional programmes as part of the Short Film Day event?
In addition to the main programmes of the Event, any venue can select its own programmes for screening. These programmes must be agreed with the Organisers of the Event no later than December 6, 2021. When selecting additional programmes, priority is given to films by regional filmmakers, premieres and festival winners.
Are there any other terms and conditions for organising screenings?
Venues can find the detailed terms and conditions of participation in the Event in the Participant Leaflet. The main requirements for the venue are as follows: place the Event logo in promotional products, mention it in press releases, show the Event trailer before screenings.
Will there be educational programmes as part of the Event?
Certainly! There will be a large scale educational programme as part of the Short Film Day event. Detailed information about the programme will appear later. Any venue can also hold its own educational programmes as part of the Event. The Event organisers can help to organise these events (without covering travel costs, accommodation or meals for the speakers).
Is it allowed to screen the Event programmes after its end or post it on the Internet?
No! Programmes are only available to venues during the Event on a non-profit basis for off-line screening during the period from December 13 to 21, 2021. All films shown have their distribution certificate and right holder's permission to screen them as part of the Event. It is FORBIDDEN to screen films beyond the Event or post them on the Internet. Special programmes for online platforms can be formed with the consent of the film authors. If you wish to use the films and anthologies beyond the Event, please email
Where can I watch SFD films in my city?
Visit the official SFD website at and the official SFD social media – VK, Facebook and Instagram – to keep track of the SFD schedule of screenings and events. For more information, use the hashtags #shortfilmday2021(#денькороткометражногокино2021), #dkk2021(#sfd2021 или #дкк2021), #shortday2021.
How will viewers vote?
From December 13 to 31, 2021, the official website of the Event will offer the option of online voting to determine the winner of the "Audience Choice" award.
How much is a ticket to a screening?
All the screenings of the Event are organised on the non-profitable basis, and admission for viewers is free.
What about educational events?
Participation in the educational programme of the Event is also free! Besides, an online webcast will be available on the site. Stay tuned!